Due Diligence Consulting

Collateral Evaluation Services understands that its clients need more than just appraisal, evaluation and environmental-type due diligence for its collateral. CES provides its clients with additional expertise including market analysis, educational services, and appraisal department audits. We also provide access to loan underwriting, property inspections, property flood determination analyses, zoning compliance, property insurance review, title reports, attorney’s for loan closing documentation, construction loan management, vendor management, asset management, and property management.

Market Monitor™

Our Market Monitor™ report assists you in keeping “up to date” on current real estate trends within your institution’s footprint. You need great market intelligence that is cogent, concise and accurate, and complies with Interagency Guidelines. Our Market Monitor report provides valuable information needed to make safe and sound decisions when devising strategies for lending practices. These reports are available annually, semi-annually or quarterly, and can be customized to include Office, Retail, Industrial, Multifamily, Specialty, Hospitality, Sports & Entertainment, Land, Flex, and Healthcare property types.

Real Estate Portfolio Evaluator™

CES assists clients by providing portfolio evaluations, including stress testing of values for gaining insight into the overall quality of a real estate asset portfolio. Our portfolio evaluations provide assistance in accurately assigning Risk Ratings, helping to obtain capital, aid in monitoring changes in collateral, and for correcting or adjusting calculations for Allocations for Loan and Lease Loss reserves (ALLL’s). CES portfolio evaluations and stress testing techniques are fully compliant with current Interagency Guidelines.

Other Real Estate Consulting Services

  • Market Monitor Report
  • Real Estate Portfolio Evaluator
  • Loan Underwriting
  • Property Inspections
  • Property Flood Determination
  • Zoning Compliance
  • Insurance Review (Real Estate)
  • Title Reports
  • Loan Closing Attorney
  • Construction Loan Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Asset Management
  • Property Management

Jim Johnson
Executive Vice President, Lending and Credit Administration

Larry Woodall, CEO & Chief Appraiser
590 Colonial Park Drive
Rowell, GA  30075

Dear Larry,

It is my pleasure to provide the letter of reference to you to use at your discretion.

First Bank has assets of over $400 million with a loan portfolio exceeding $315 million. Over the past four to five years we’ve experienced significant growth in real estate secured lending. Today over 80% of our loan portfolio is secured by real estate of one type or another. This concentration forced us to evaluate our complete appraisal process. What we found was that internally, we lacked the expertise to comply with regulatory requirements.

For this reason, last fall we began an extensive search for a 3rd party solution that would not only give us separation from the appraisal process, but also provide the level of appraisal review expertise that we needed. That search resulted in us selecting ECS as our 3rd party appraisal manager in the spring of this year. We chose CES because they could provide a full slate of valuation services, they adopted our approved appraiser list in total, and we recognized the value of the staff’s appraisal experience.

Prior to initiating the new process, Larry Woodall personally flew to Texas to meet our lenders and our appraisers, ensuring that question were answered and concerns addressed. Still, there was , and to a lesser extent still is, pushback from both the lenders and the appraisers. Change can sometime be difficult. Larry and the others at CES have been great to talk through these issues and work with us to find a resolution.

I feel that we are now in a much more confident position when lending into the industry, and in a much better position defending these decisions when examined by our regulators. We do not regret our decision to partner with CES.


Jim Johnson
Executive Vice President, Lending and Credit Administration
First Bank

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