Your Virtual Appraisal Department™

As an appraisal management company, CES helps financial institutions throughout the United States with due diligence on all types of loan collateral by serving as their “Virtual Appraisal Department™”. We seamlessly integrate into the fabric of your daily banking operations, eliminating the need for an in-house real estate evaluation management program. Our credentials and deep experience change the way you do business and drive significant cost savings.

For more than a decade, CES has served over 160 community, regional and national banks and credit unions by performing their real estate appraisals, evaluations, environmental site assessments, property inspections and more.


CES’ mission is to be our clients’ “Most Trusted Real Estate Advisor.” We do this by providing the very best appraisal and collateral evaluation services to fully meet the needs, exceed the expectations and enhance the lives of our clients and the communities we serve.


Our Vision is to provide our clients with dependable guidance and consistent, high-quality due diligence when defining market value for their real estate collateralized, federally-regulated loan transactions.

We will do this by continually evolving to meet the dynamic, specific needs of our customers.

We will become recognized as an indispensable Virtual Appraisal Department to clients nationwide.


As an appraisal management company, CES prides itself on providing exemplary compliance services for the banking industry. CES’ Management and personnel have been employed by some of the largest and most prestigious private corporations and financial institutions within the United States, serving as Senior Review Appraisers, Senior Loan Officers, Department Managers, and Chief Appraisers, as well as, other positions related to regulatory compliance, advisory, and other facets in the real estate industry.

Due to our exemplary qualifications in leadership, expertise, and technology, CES is the ideal choice for financial institutions and corporations looking to obtain reliable, independent and cost-effective solutions to managing their real estate collateral.

Key Accomplishments Include:
  • Sales Growth of 80%+ Annually
  • Net Income Growth of 10%+ Annually
  • Diversified Portfolio of 50+ Clients
  • Reports on all property types in compliance with regulations
  • Due diligence on bank-owned real estate assets and other types of real estate portfolios
  • Developing and Implementing Bank Compliance Policies for Appraisal and Environmental Areas
  • Training in Appraisal Compliance Practices and Methodology
  • Authoring Appraisal and Bank Regulation Articles for Industry Publications

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