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Business valuation services are used by many banks to support conventional loan underwriting, bank workouts, going-concern appraisals, real estate and business sale transactions, as well for consulting and planning purposes. CES offers business valuation services for a wide range of business types which are compliant with SBA when financing the sale of a business or the transfer to a next generation of a family business.

Going Concern Appraisals

Many real estate appraisers are considered competent to appraise some special purpose properties as going concerns, such as hotels and golf courses, but do not have sufficient business valuation knowledge or data to appraise restaurants, auto services, funeral homes, veterinary practices, etc. CES has individuals on staff with such expertise, lead by Franz H. Ross, CBA, CVA, MAI, MRICS, who has expertise both as a special property real estate appraiser and as a business valuation practitioner.

SBA Loans Requiring Business Valuations

We provide U.S. Small Business Administration compliant business valuation services for transactions involving the sale of a business as follows:

  • All change of ownership loans where the buyer and seller have a “close relationship”;
  • Changes of ownership where the amount being financed minus the appraised value of the real estate and equipment is greater than $250,000
  • Or where the bank has more stringent loan policies of its own.
Conventional Business Loans

Some banks use business valuations to support conventional business loans which may or may not involve a change in ownership where the SBA is not a participant. These business valuations are often ordered where the business has few tangible assets, yet they have significant revenues and cash flow.

Bank Workouts

We provide business valuation services that are used during a loan workout process, whereas, the business has positive cash flow, but not enough cash flow to support the current debt.

Consulting and Planning

Your bank relationship manager strives to be the “Trusted Advisor” to the businesses in your community.  Many of them are owned and operated by “baby boomers” looking forward to retirement, but uncertain what the business and real estate are worth.

By bringing our expertise to your client, perhaps even a couple years before a planned retirement, you succeed in your role as Trusted Advisor, and have a better likelihood of financing a transfer of the business, whether to a family member or unrelated buyer.

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