Ben Kvamme

SVP, Director of Technology

Ben joined CES in January of 2012 following a 12-year career of which 2 years was in a real estate property management role and 10 years as an independent real estate consultant running his own firm, which was bought out after founding. Ben is our current Director of Technology and manages all concerns and innovations in both the Commercial and Residential Departments.

While at CES, Ben has gained significant knowledge and experience first as an entry level Production Administrator and moving up to running that department as our Director of Production Administration.

In 2016, Ben was asked to begin performing Commercial and Residential Evaluations since he was taking appraisal courses to gain more knowledge about the valuation side of the Real Estate Business and wanted to pursue state licensing as an appraiser. After spending 3 years performing Evaluations and finishing all courses required to become a licensed appraiser, and also because of the quality of work he was producing as an Evaluator, Ben was asked to become our Manager of Evaluations. Mr. Kvamme excelled at his role as Manager of Evaluations, keeping quality control as the cornerstone of our Commercial Evaluation product.

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